art researcher, movie critic


Artist was born in 1929 in the village Lesa, west Georgia, Guria district. He graduated from Tbilisi Theatre Institute in 1953. Baramidze was working in the cinema administration of the ministry of culture of Georgian SSR as an assistant editor of advertisements. Same time he was working as a cinema critic, publishing articles and books.

On 15 January 1958, KGB of Georgian SSR arrested Givi Baramidze, suspected of being the author of Anti-Soviet illegal leaflets and small brochures.

With another suspect – Irodion Pachulia, Givi Baramidze confessed that they organized editions of illegal papers after brutally suppressing pro-Stalinist demonstrations of youth on 9 March 1956 by the Soviet Regime and distributing them in different places of city Tbilisi.

In the final conclusion of the investigation, quoted:

"...Pachulia I.L. and Baramidze G.I. being on Anti-Soviet positions, from the end of March 1956 turned to Anti-Soviet activism and agreed to produce, copy and distribute Anti-Soviet leaflets and brochures in Tbilisi. They used Georgian typography fonts, different cliches, paint materials and other tools, stolen in July 1955 and March 1956 by Pachulia I.L. in printing combinate. Also, two cliches, including a copy of the famous painting "Burlaki", stolen by Baramidze G.I. in the typography of "Zaria Vostoka"...
While implementing in practice their agreement, accused – Pachulia I.L. and Baramidze G.I. in May 1956 created, produced, copied with typographic approach and distributed in Tbilisi around 30 items of the large size Anti–Soviet leaflets #2, with a picture of "Burlaki". The remaining items were distributed in May–June 1957…
At the beginning of November 1956, personally, Baramidze G.I. produced 15 items of small size Anti-Soviet leaflets with a typographic approach – addressing the students to boycott a celebration of 7 of November 1956. Leaflets were distributed by Pachulia I.L. and Baramidze G.I. together around State University and campus in Tbilisi….
Accused – Baramidze G.I. also created a series of Anti-Soviet poetries and caricatures, manuscripts of which were confiscated during the house search and are attached to the current case like material evidence”.

On 25 March 1958, the Supreme Court of Georgian SSR sentenced Givi Baramidze to 8 years imprisonment. He served his sentence in Mordovia special camp for political prisoners.

In 1960, his sentence was shortened to 5 years. In 1963 he was released from prison.

Died in Tbilisi, 16 July 1990.

Archive of former KGB of Georgian SSR contains Criminal file of Givi Baramidze and Irodion Pachulia #5802. The file is fully preserved and shows a complete criminal process – order of arrest, personal list of both prisoners, interrogation of them and witness, an act of expertise of manuscripts, an act of psychiatric expertise of Baramidze and protocol of session of the Supreme court of Georgian SSR. Illegal brochures, letters and posters, printed by Baramidze and Pachulia are presented as material proves in a criminal file. The process of apartment search of Baramidze is documented with mugshots, which shows equipment for the printing, printed materials etc.

Everyone can read and download the KGB documents about Givi Baramidze on the website of the Digital Archive of the Ukrainian liberation movement.